How Cherish Your Day Started

 When I was young I started collecting positive sayings. I enjoyed the wisdom that a few simple words contained. Through the many years of the human race people have remained basically the same. Technology changes, history marches on, but the same sayings said thousands of years ago, in a different language, in a different culture, remain true today. Simple positive sayings from the past hold the same positive message today.

As I grew older my collection of sayings also grew. If I heard a quote at a conference, or during a conversation I wrote it down. If I read one in a magazine or newspaper I tore it out and placed it in my box of quotes. One of my favorites is a quote I learned in high school, “I felt sorry for myself because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” No matter what happens in my life I can never have a bad day when I remember that saying.

A business associate had a 14 yr old daughter who wanted to work. I told her about my box of positive quotes and suggested she decipher my hand written scribbles, type up the quotes, and we would place them on a web site. There was no religious or spiritual intent, it was simply to have a web site that could serve as a resource to help spread positive sayings and quotes.

The name Cherish Your Day was chosen to express something we all need to do. We all have challenges and some days we feel we have really taken a beating, but if we take a moment to look around us we can always find something that allows us to cherish the day.

Once the web site was up we included a newsletter that delivers eight positive quotes each Wednesday. The mid week positive quotes are a fun and a simple way to remind us about the positive aspects of life that are always around us.

People from all over the world subscribe to the Cherish Your Day Newsletter. Some of the subscribers to CYD Newsletter have their own newsletters for real estate, customer service, hotels, etc., and they use both the CYD web site  and the newsletter as a resource of positive sayings that are included in their own newsletters. This helps “spread positive” even further. It is all for fun and being positive, because who in the world doesn’t like to smile, live, laugh, love, and enjoy positive feelings?

A good friend I had gone to high school with got married, joined the military, and shipped out a couple days after graduation. I always wondered what happened to him. I hadn’t heard a word for 30 years, but then I found out he was living in a town about 800 miles away. I called him up, and we had fun talking about the past. I told him I was going to fly to his town for a visit and take him to a ball game. He didn’t believe after 30 years that I would do it….but I did.

It was very good to see my old friend again. During the game I told him about Cherish Your Day. He told me that during his time in the military he had designed some different Challenge Coins for the units he served in. Challenge Coins are a fun way for the military to instill discipline and camaraderie.

He took the ball games program I had bought, drew a logo for Cherish Your Day on it, and suggested we make a coin. He explained the coin is something we could hand to a friend, or a total stranger, to help “spread positive.” I thought it was a great idea so we had the coins made and it has been a wonderful addition to Cherish Your Day.

We want to spread positive further by offering a Blog where people can post their positive stories. The stories can be about either giving or receiving a CYD Coin, or other positive stories that someone wants to share with the world.

I hope you enjoy the collection of positive sayings and quotes from people past and present, rich and poor, scholars, athletes, authors, presidents, business leaders, and others. The authors of all the great quotes in the world are applauded. In a few short words they have the ability to make someone stop and think, change direction in life, or touch our hearts. We are happy to be able to help them “spread positive.”


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