Coin Stories



  1. Phylis and I worked in the same building. We worked on opposite sides of the building and would only occasionally run into each other in the main office or in staff meetings. I could tell from the expressions on her face that her life wasn’t a bed of roses. From the bits and pieces of information that I picked up in our casual conversations or from others I knew she was going through some personal struggles. She came to my mind one evening when I found a CYD coin that a new friend had given me months earlier as sort of a “welcome to Colorado” gift but that I had miss placed. With Phylis in mind, I tucked the coin into my purse. The next day, when our paths crossed, I stopped her and pulled the coin from my pocket. Offering very little explanation, I simply handed her the coin and told her that a friend had given it to me and that I wanted to pass it on to her. A month or so later, I heard that she had found a different job, closer to her family, in another part of the state. I don’t know if she still has the coin or if she has passed it on yet. I do know that I will remember the smile she had on her face when I first handed her the coin.

  2. These positive gifts came in handy at a wonderful time. I chose to give the coin to my mother who is out of work on disability and has seen her fair share of hardships in the last year. When I gave her the coin, she was just beginning some very extensive and expensive dental work. I told her to look at and hold the coin whenever she felt that she was loosing faith and she was brought close to tears. Thank you for these wonderful gifts!

  3. While sitting at lunch counter of a local restaurant, I started talking with a young lady who was in the Navy. She said something positive and I happened to have my Cherish Your Day coin in my pocket. On the back of the coin it says “Pass this to a friend.” I gave the coin to this young lady, and thanked her for both being positive, and for serving the country. As we talked she told me while serving duty on her ship she had taken some cards and wrote something positive on them, and passed them out. Her instructions, like the CYD coin, was to pass it on to someone deserving. Fantastic! I hope other people use the CYD coins in this manner, or find other ways to help “spread positive.”

  4. this is a true story of a simple honesty…it happened on the year 2001…
    son have asked for money for his transpo allowance , going to school , he only asked for a twenty pesos so i told him to get in my wallet…then he went on his way…when he got home…he asked for an apology…coz according to him he did not look at what he got…he got 4o instead of twenty and he returned back the extra twenty pesos… it’s always a mother pride having children with good values…

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